Flooring Fashions Gilbert provides a line of laminate hardwood floors that looks almost identical to a natural wood floor with durability you can expect from laminates. As a viable, economic option, with multiple design and layout options laminate flooring has become a popular choice among homeowners looking for a budget-friendly upgrade.

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Flooring Fashions provides a line of laminate hardwood floors that looks almost identical to a natural wood floor with durability you can expect from laminates.

Laminate Flooring is made up of a backing filler layer, a print layer for decoration and a wear layer that is durable yet transparent allowing the decoration and color to come through properly.

The top or “wear” layer is also known as the laminate layer, thus how Laminate Flooring got its name. Designed to be protective, it withstands stains,  falls and other damage extremely well.

Resulting in a composite flooring constructed in a large variety of styles and looks that is easy to maintain, attractive, very durable, eco-friendly and one of the more economic options.

Why Choose Laminate

We could find numerous other reasons to consider laminate flooring as an option for your home or office. In most of the area’s in your home, office or even your workshop, laminate flooring material is an excellent choice. The key to having a beautiful laminate floor is having a reputable contractor, who understands the capabilities and characteristics of laminate products, who’s also experienced and honest enough to share their knowledge, which will save you a big headache and potentially, thousands of dollars. Laminate flooring is an affordable, attractive option.

A few reasons to consider

The appearance of laminate flooring has improved dramatically. What makes laminate flooring so appealing recently?

Easy to Install

This type of flooring has become easy to install. Many of the laminate flooring options are now ‘glueless’ and are manufactured as planks which are put together with a tongue and groove method.

Uncomplicated Repair

Should there be damage to one area of the floor, laminate planks can be relatively easy to remove and replace. Consider it similar to a puzzle piece.

Undemanding Maintenance

Laminate is very easy to clean and maintain. As opposed to other materials which can be prone to scratching and needing to be re-finished or reinstalled, laminate holds up very well to the daily abuse of a busy household.

Sensible Cost

Opposed to flooring such as hardwood, slate and marble, laminate is much less expensive and can resemble any of the more pricey options.